Autobiography of a face (1994) is a moving memoir by a poet and essayist Lucy Grealy, who lived with an extreme facial disfigurement since she was 9. At this young age she was diagnosed with potentially terminal cancer. In attempts to prevent the disease from spreading, she had half of her jawbone completely removed. With a face dramatically deformed by repeated operations, the girl lived through her childhood with a stigma more painful that a tragedy of cancer itself. Experienced by an invasive treatment and facing everyday bullies and harassment leading to heartbreaking loneliness, Grealy showed a great power and determination. Over the next 18 years she underwent about 30 operations in order to rebuild her face. In “Autobiography of a face”, Lucy Grealy presents a touching (and relatable) reflection on our self-image: the constant strive for perfection goes hand in hand with a deep need to be loved and accepted for just who we are.

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