Is a dog really a man’s best friend? Most certainly, canines are ones of our most committed and hard-working companions. As Laura Greaves’ “Dogs with jobs” clearly prove, our furry friends can not only bring joy to our lives, but also are exceptionally helpful fulfilling numerous duties – many of them involving saving human lives. With this brilliant compilation of inspirational tales readers will meet a number of hounds that professionally support people in important as well as surprising roles. Written in a light and engaging way, the book depicts stories of working dogs from all over the world – for example, Molly Polly who helps patients with diabetes, Truman, an adorable dachshund accompanying ultra-marathon runners and a team of terriers perfect at dolphin spotting. Some of the tales will make you laugh while others are real tearjerkers. One thing is for sure: “Dogs with jobs” is an incredibly entertaining reading for canine lovers… and everyone else.

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