Legendary novel by an English romantic poet and writer, Mary Shelley, tells a story of a young scientist Victor Frankenstein and his fateful experiment. A grotesque monster, created by the doctor, is his most wonderful and dreadful piece of work. The creature is not only sapient, but also sencient – and his terribly human ability to suffer becomes a cause of the tragedy both for Victor and the monster itself. “Frankenstein” is not just an excellent horror novel, considered to be the first science-fiction story – it’s a modern myth, a beautiful story of a passionate romance and a topical warning about the dangers of science. Along with its iconic character, the novel is still vivant in culture: it has been recreated as well as referred to in multiple books, plays and movies. The reason for its success is simple – “Frankenstein” touches essential issues of human existence. What does it mean to be human? What is our responsibility for what we create? How far can science go, interfering with nature? As long as those questions will remain unanswered, the story of “Frankenstein” won’t cease to appeal to us.

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