Written by a master of horror – Stephen King – “It” is considered to be his most terrifying novel. Just like in King’s every best-selling book, its gripping plot brings a touching, universal reflection. Eponymous It is a metaphor of the evil, set deep inside the roots of human nature. The story takes place in Derry – a small, tranquil town in Mane. In 1958 the place faces a sudden escalation of multiple dramatic and mysterious crimes, murders and unexplained accidents. The evil haunting Derry takes various frightening forms: of a dreadful clown, monstrous bird or a mysterious voice from the pipes. Seven desperate children, known as The Losers’ Club, set off to search for the creature in the town’s drains. And here the story could end, but the monster comes back to Derry and the kids – now adults – are called to repeat their dreadsome quest 28 years later… “It” is the peak of Stephen King’s storytelling craft.

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