A classic novel by a Nobel Prize-winning British author is a gripping allegorical story of the human culture decay. Written in 1954, under an unidentified feeling of a nuclear threat, William Golding’s “Lord of the flies” tells about a group of English boys stranded on an island. Their failing attempts to self-govern serve as a touching metaphor of the corrupt human nature. Although at the start the boys act out of good will, they cannot avoid a dramatic, blind fight for power and its tragic consequences. “Lord of the flies”, considered one of the most influential books of 20th century, contains a horrifying diagnosis of our world and a vivid political warning. What’s the real human nature? Who are we once we are deprived of civilisation, societal rules and laws? The author’s answer is disturbing and brutal; and over the years, this dystopian novel remains unforgettable and painfully relevant. This 2011 edition includes a unique introduction by Stephen King.

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