The catcher in the rye” is a classic coming-of-age novel written by American author J. D. Salinger. Infamous for multiple controversies and – at the same time –- described as one of the most important books of the previous century, the book became a source of inspiration for the whole generation of adolescents. Holden Caulfield is a rebellious teenager who has just been expelled from an exclusive boarding school. Getting on a train back to New York, he has no intention to return to his family – “phony” parents and siblings. Instead he checks into a rundown hotel and starts exploring underground city. Seeing prostitutes, drinking at bars, going to theatres, Holden meets the reality of an adult life. His incisive reflections are expressed with mesmerizing crudeness and honesty. Salinger deals perfectly with themes such as innocence, alienation and identity, teenage angst and rebellion in a false world of adults.

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