The Martian” is a seminal science-fiction novel written by Andy Weir. Put on screen by Ridley Scott in 2015, the story of Mark Watnay – lonely astronaut fighting for survival during his mission on Mars in near future – not only appealed to wide public of readers and viewers, but also impressed the actual scientists for it’s factual accuracy. For this reason, The Wall Street Journal called Weir’s novel “the purest example of real-science sci-fi for many years” (2014). But “The Martian” is not just a well-written book for science savvy space nerds. Through Watnay’s dramatic diary and daily logs we get to know the protagonist just as he is – incredibly intelligent and determined, vulnerable and funny at the same time. His breathtaking attempts to survive and return to Earth teach us about the real possibilities of humankind, exposing the essential truth: at the end of the day, facts are the only thing that matters. It’s an extremely touching and absolutely gripping book.

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