Abbas Milani is a meritorious Iranian-American historian and professor at the University of Stanford, where he’s in charge of Iranian Studies Institute and Iranian Democracy Project. For decades he’s been researching social-political situation in Iran, committing his work to the problems of the Iranian Revolution, due to which he’s been arrested and jailed multiple times. Milani’s last book “The Shah. A memoir of global adoption” is an outstanding effect of a 10 years’ work, constituting a complete biography of Iran’s last monarch, Mohammad-Reza Shah Pahlevi. Through The Shah’s ruling was ended by the islamic revolution in 1979, and Pahlevi died in 1980, his life has not only changed the shape of Iranian political and social life, but resonates globally until today. Milani’s work is a comprehensive and rather disturbing story depicting how Iran went its way from a monarchy led by a liberal reformer to a totalitarian Islamic republic.

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